iHit 5.0 – Grey - The iHit Phone Case
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iHit Grey Phone Case

iHit 5.0 – Grey


Great for those on the go who want to conveniantly stash a pre-rolled joint, blunt, or our included one-hitter, plus a second area for bud storage. Choose from 2 color options and order The iHit case today for your iPhone 5/5s.


Premium Quality:

Each dual-chambered iHit is crafted from durable pc material and sprayed with silicone grip for a comfortable hand feel. All cases also includes a full size cigarette style hitter.


Spring Loaded

The iHit features a patent-pending, spring-loaded storage compartment which houses all of your smoking needs, from joints to blunts or a one hitter pipe. When the compartment is triggered, your smokable is propelled to the top of the case, allowing you to stylishly remove your smokes.


Air Tight Storage:

Your favorite smoking substances are held within an air tight chamber that provides for relatively odor free storage. You can use this dug out designed storage area to roll up another for later or even pack your one hitter pipe.


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